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The EU, USA, Japan and Australia are the most demanding markets when it comes to proof of legality and sustainability of timber imports, according to leading Asian suppliers. This was among the findings of a report from the Global Timber Forum based on a survey of timber industry associations in both Asian producing and consumer countries; Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.

Ghana’s online wood tracking system, and a Liberian radio channel dedicated to forestry issues were key topics in a meeting of representatives of the two countries under an EU Non-State Actors FLEGT VPA initiative (NSA). The NSA project is titled ‘Strengthening capacity of non-state actors to improve FLEGT-VPA and REDD+ processes’. It involves Liberia, Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire. (Photo left: Community VPA training in Liberia)

A student-designed timber pavilion, Momentto, featuring FLEGT-licensed yellow balau decking from Indonesia, was one of the key installations of the London Festival of Architecture. 

Honduras’s FLEGT VPA has potential to protect forests and biodiversity and  ensure the forest rights of indigenous peoples and interests of small businesses and cooperatives. It can also underpin the commercial development and competitiveness of the forest sector, including private plantation businesses. (Photo left: Democracy without Borders)

Further progress on Lao PDR’s timber legality definition was among topics discussed at its third meeting with the EU on development of its EU FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement. Talks were held in Brussels from June 17 to 21 (Photo left: Chris Lang) 

IMM telah menerbitkan semua hasil konsultasi perdagangan yang paling baru di Antwerpen, Belgia yang telah diterjemahkan dalam bahasa Indonesia.

IMM a publié une traduction française de toutes les conclusions de sa plus récente consultation sur le commerce à Anvers, en Belgique.

IMM’s latest study on EU wood promotion revealed that Europe’s timber and wood products sector has stepped up the level of its marketing and advertising activity and the clarity, cohesion and effectiveness of its communications in recent years.

There could not have been a more appropriate venue for the latest IMM FLEGT Trade Consultation than Antwerp. The city is one of the world’s great ports and a leading distribution hub for timber, sourced worldwide, for Belgium, the rest of Europe and beyond. Alongside Tilbury in London, Antwerp was also the reception point for the first FLEGT-licensed shipments from Indonesia.

The final workshop of the IMM Trade Consultation in Antwerp gauged trade views on whether FLEGT could play a more prominent role in EU Member States’ (MS) green public timber procurement. Companies also shared experiences of offering FLEGT-licensed timber for government contracts.

In Workshop 2 of the Trade Consultation, delegates discussed procurement strategy and the extent it took FLEGT licensing into consideration.

As at previous IMM trade consultations in France, Germany and the UK, the main section of the Antwerp event opened with a workshop on trends in EU tropical timber trade. The workshop’s primary purpose was to discuss drivers of market decline and future opportunities for tropical timber in Europe with private sector representatives.