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IMM and ATIBT will hold joint conference during Carrefour

May 4, 2018 | FLEGT Market News

The IMM programme’s Nantes Trade Consultation and a conference planned by ATIBT will now be held jointly on 31 May, during the Carrefour du Bois trade show. The event will take place at Exhibition Park la Beaujoire.

ATIBT will open the conference with a series of short presentations covering the organisation’s mission as well as some of its most recent activities, including the Lesser Known Species (LKTS) project and the Fair and Precious tropical timber promotion programme. 

IMM will then speak about sustainable forest management in Indonesia, trends in EU tropical timber trade, results from the EU furniture sector scoping study and FLEGT recognition in European public procurement.



The afternoon will be dedicated to workshops on the following topics: 

  • Purchase dynamics for companies sourcing from Indonesia, including knowledge about legality and sustainability standards
  • FLEGT impacts on Central African producing countries
  • Market trends for tropical timber in Europe

There will be time for questions and discussion during lunch as well as dedicated sessions after the presentations and workshops. 

For more information, see the draft agenda below.

The event is free and you can register online here.

Nantes Trade Consultation, 31 May 2018 

Draft Agenda


Agenda item

Speaker / Chair


Registration / Coffee



Opening of the Plenary Session

Andrew Escott, Global Timber Forum (GTF)


Welcoming Note + Presentation IMM 

IMM (Sarah Storck)


Presentation of ATIBT and its mission

ATIBT (Benoit Jobbe-Duval, Robert Hunink)


Presentation of LKTS 2020 project on Lesser Known Timber Species and collaboration with SNCF

ATIBT (Elise Heral, Patrick Martin)


Presentation of Fair&Precious

ATIBT (Benoit Jobbe Duval/Christine Le Paire)


Some reflexions about the future of sustainable forest management in Congo Basin

ATIBT (Robert Hunink)


ATIBT FLEGT-REDD+ projects and activities

ATIBT (Caroline Duhesme)


Beyond legality – Indonesia’s PHPL sustainable forest management standard 

Gunther Hentschel, IMM Germany



Andrew Escott





FLEGT recognition in public procurement

Dave Hopkins, TTF


The IMM 2018 furniture sector scoping study – a preview of results

George White, ITTO consultant


Trends in EU tropical timber trade and EU -Indonesian trade after FLEGT licensing begins

Rupert Oliver, IMM Trade Analyst



Andrew Escott





Session AReviewing purchase dynamics for companies sourcing from Indonesia

– Purchase dynamics – process of deciding to purchase.

– Country-level decision making

– Knowledge about country wide legality or sustainability standards

– Perceptions about competitor countries

Andrew Escott/Gunther Hentschel/representative of ATIBT


Session B: FLEGT impacts on Central African producing countries

– State of play of Central Africa VPAs

– Impacts of EUTR on African producers and African market

– Role of certification in African VPAs and EUTR

ATIBT (Caroline Duhesme, others tbc)


Session CMarket trends for tropical timber in Europe

– Background to the downward sales trend of the last decade

– Recommendations for removing trading obstacles

– Relevance of public procurement recognition of FLEGT-licensed timber for reputation and sales volume  

– Outlook and future applications

Rupert Oliver/ATIBT


Presentation of break-out session results, Q&A

Andrew Escott