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Tropical trade trends and FLEGT profile

Jun 24, 2021 | Past Events

Tropical timber trade trends through the pandemic and the latest on FLEGT, including UK promotion of the initiative, were covered during the Independent Market Monitor (IMM) webinar on June 24.

The IMM’s mandate is to monitor trade impacts and perceptions of FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs) and market performance of FLEGT-licensed timber in the EU and UK.

The webinar features its analysis of the tropical trade over the last 12 months and the effect of the COVID-19 health crisis on supply and demand.

It also includes a summary of recommendations and conclusions around the FLEGT initiative from four years of IMM market surveys and trade consultations.

A key point voiced by the trade in IMM studies is the need to raise the market profile and awareness of FLEGT. The UK Timber Trade Federation is among the most active players in promotion of the initiative and outlines the initiatives and impacts of its FLEGT communications programme to date and plans for the future.

Presentation 1. VPA partners in global & EU+UK trade (Rupert Oliver, IMM Trade Analyst, FLEGT IMM)

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Presentation 2. Four years of IMM EU Surveys – Insights and Recommendations (Sarah Storck, IMM Lead Consultant, FLEGT IMM)

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Presentation 3. The UK TTF – Promoting FLEGT (David Hopkins, Chief Executive, Timber Trade Federation)

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